From Epsom To Goucher

On May 25, 1921, in spite of financial uncertainties, Goucher College, under the auspices of President William W. Guth, purchased 421 acres in the town of Towson, in Baltimore County, just north of Baltimore City. Prior to the purchase of the land for approximately $150,000, only President and Mrs. Guth, and John Alcock, treasurer of the Board of Trustees, had seen the land.

Following the purchase, Guth initiated the Greater Goucher Campaign, which combined a million dollar campaign to increase the endowment to improve academics and a five million dollar drive to move the College to Towson. The $6,000,000 Greater Goucher Campaign was also known as the 4-2-1 Campaign, in reference to the size of the new land, 421 acres.

To learn more about the history of the buildings on Goucher College's Towson campus visit the online exhibit Building a Greater Goucher: The History of the Buildings on Goucher's Towson Campus.