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The text of the print version of this guide was prepared by Patricia Bull of the Julia Rogers Library using Microsoft Windows Desktop Publishing and printed by Michael Ahrenberg of Goucher College.  The title quotation is from Jane Austen's February 20, 1817 letter to Fanny Knight, in Jane Austen's Letters collected and edited by R.W. Chapman. 2nd ed. Oxford, 1952, reprinted, with corrections, 1979. p. 478.  The illustration on p. 11 is from J.B. Papworth's Rural Residences, 1818.  All other illustrations except Mrs. Burke's bookplate on p. 18 and the cover illustration of an edition of Mansfield Park on p. 5 are from the G. Allen 1894 limited edition of Pride and Prejudice illustrated by Hugh Thomson.

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Sydney Roby
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in memoriam J. David Grey, 1936-1993

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