Clinton Ivan Winslow, known to most as "Jim," served the Goucher community for over fifty years as a dedicated and active member of its faculty and administrative staff.

       Jim Winslow's civic contributions were extensive. He served on the Governor's Commission of Efficiency and Economy, as president of the Citizens League of Baltimore (which served as watchdog over city government), on the Mayor's Advisory Commission on the City Charter, and as a member of the 1967 Maryland Constitutional Convention.

       At his death in 1983, the College came into possession of Winslow's collection of political memorabilia, a hobby he began in 1921 with a cast-iron plaque, a comic reference to William Jennings Byran's "Free Silver" slogan. This collection, whose oldest item is a "Tippecanoe Songbook" (1840) contains campaign buttons, sample ballots, campaign related items of clothing (a T.R. bandanna, "IKE" Jewelry), autographed photos of Presidents Hoover, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Nixon, Carter, and Reagan, knick-knacks (a Goldwater soda can, a Benjamin Harrison crystal top hat), and other items reflecting the American electoral process.


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