Bruce Scapecchi, an antique dealer in Des Moines, Iowa, contacted Goucher when he found a binder of letters that he believed belonged in the College archives in a desk he had acquired. In the initial conversation with Sydney Roby, archivist, he commented that it appeared from the letters that Goucher women got an education to make a difference in the world and not for their personal gain. After several conversations it was decided that the letters would be an important acquisition for the college.

Thanks to the Friends of the Library, the library was able to purchase these letters.

Sydney Roby realized that the letters would make an educational web exhibit using materials from the archives. When the college announced its strategic initiative grants in April 1999, Sydney wrote a proposal as an opportunity to finance the creation of this web exhibit. We are grateful to the committee for selecting her proposal for funding. Sydney has also made many behind the scenes contributions by contacting faculty, arranging for music, and sending letters to family of the class of 1903.

Linda Fowble joined the team to assist with the fulfillment of the computer end of this project. She assisted with details of the grant and taught Sarah Pinsker the language of web design (HTML scripting). Linda also created the home page design on paper, which Sarah then converted to HTML.

Sarah Pinsker, class of 1999, began transcribing the letters for the library during her final semester at Goucher, with a stipend from the Friends, and worked throughout the spring on an independent research project based on the Round Robin. History professor Jean Baker, who had initially introduced Sarah to this project, reviewed the essay upon its completion. Upon her graduation, Sarah began working full time on the grant, learning and scripting HTML, and scanning photographs and documents. She wrote the code for the web site, brainstormed, organized and designed many aspects of the site as well.

Sydney, Linda and Sarah worked together discussing content and design issues on many occasions. Working as a team has been rewarding to all involved.

Kevin Hoffman, Goucher's webmaster, jumped in at the end of the project to suggest new and innovative software for refining our web page design. Thanks to Kevin for suggesting improvements, teaching new ideas and for assisting with software details.

Several students, including Michelle Cavallieri, Rebecca Letsome, Stephanie Creech, and Sarah Reed, all contributed to the project in various ways, including checking and finding links, turning the "Baby Parade" PowerPoint presentation into HTML, and providing the text navigation tools at the bottom of each page. Phong Le did an incredible amount of scanning, both of photographs of the old campus and Sarah's research paper.

We also want to extend our thanks to Nancy Magnuson, Goucher College Librarian, for her support from the initial stages of this project until its fruition!

Left to Right: Linda Fowble, Sydney Roby, and Sarah Pinsker on the bench donated to Goucher College by the class of 1903 in 1953.

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