Peace and Conflict in The Democratic Republic of the Congo
by Shani Bob, Meghan Doherty, Sarah Littman, Nancy Welch, Class of 2006

Nominated by Seble Dawit
assistant professor of peace studies (2001) in Peace Studies Program

From the authors, Shani Bob, Meghan Doherty, Sarah Littman, Nancy Welch: This joint research paper was written for an introductory peace studies class. We were asked to devote ourselves to an in-depth study of a conflict in one of five countries. The four of us came together with no knowledge about the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). It was an invaluable collaborative experience as we, together, gathered and sifted through the overwhelming amounts of information, posed questions, discussed one another’s writing and edited each other’s assessments of material that we were all attempting to understand. It felt like we were uncovering a new world we hadn't known was our own, growing more and more amazed at how little the United States acknowledges and publicizes about the non-Western world. As the concept of conflict became more and more multifaceted and complex, so did our ideas of what “peace” is and should consist of. The entire project, and course itself, continues to impact us academically and personally; parts of each of us are embedded within this "labor of love", just as it is within us.

From the faculty nominator, Seble Dawit: This paper, "Peace and Conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo", is the final paper for PCE 110, Introduction to Peace Studies. Teams of students were asked to conduct all planning, research and writing together. They were also asked to make the voice in the paper seamless, that is, to truly write together and not merely join four different parts at the end. Members of this group had little if any previous knowledge of the conflict in the sub-region of the Congo which includes 6 or more other countries. They were to identify the nature of the conflict, the countries involved in it through a geo-political lens, the ethnic groups involved in the conflict, the level of arms exports and imports as a percentage of GDP, and the major players in the arms trade to the region. Finally, they were asked to propose a solution to the conflict. Meghan, Nancy,Sarah and Shani have done an exemplary job and have produced a well researched, informative and balanced anyalysis of what is sometimes called the first African world war.

Shani Bob, Meghan Doherty, Sarah Littman, Nancy Welch, "Peace and Conflict in The Democratic Republic of the Congo"

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