Erin Womack

Erin Womack is an illustrator and children's book author. This spring she will be graduating from Maryland Institute College of Art. When not reckoning with crystal skulls, she may be found fermenting various cultures in her rosewood library. Her penchant for drawing has only been heightened since her dominant hand was shattered beneath an automobile in spring of 2006. Titanium reconstruction and preserverence has her back and running in prime working condition.

"My work exists within a common realm. It is the same universe that the drawings I created as a child hailed from. Doe-eyed creatures and bulbous mountains comprise the landscape of this other-worldy place. The act of putting pen to paper is one of personal reveling; an opportunity to dabble in a familiar place that has long since been my fixation -- one where humans and beasts trail side by side. Costuming and shaping their forms is where I derive the utmost satisfaction. Allowing these characters to materialize, whether on paper, masks, or film, remains my greatest pursuit."

Exhibit: Collaborate Now (3/2007)

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