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Request for Refund

Please note, refund requests must be received by Friday, 5PM in order for a check to be processed on the following Friday.
Refunds at the beginning of a semester will be processed after the Registration add/drop period concludes.

For holiday refund schedule please contact the Billing department at

Please provide the following information about your refund request.
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Choose from the following two refund amount options.
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I request to have a portion of the credit balance of my account refunded.
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Choose from the following three refund receiving options.
Refund Reception Option 1:
Send the refund check to the address I provided above.
Refund Reception Option 2:
Send the refund check through campus mail to the student.
Refund Reception Option 3:
Hold the refund check in the SAS Office.

Refunds are available after 4PM on Friday, at the SAS front desk. Checks that are not picked up will be mailed the following Tuesday.